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May 18, 2024


North Korea leader allegedly allied with Kremlin

Kasparov: Putin Is Partners With North Korea In Missiles Against USA, South Korea and Japan

An August 26 article on Russian-language news site kasparov.ru states that Russia is a military ally of North Korea in developing missiles for use against South Korea, Japan and the United States. Here TrumpWatchdogs.com paraphrases the Russian article. About the Russian source: The Russian news site kasparov.ru is operated by Garry Kasparov. Kasparov is a

If Trump fires Mueller, Americans are urged to take to the streets.

What If Trump Fires Mueller? The 3.5 Percent Rule

As we write this watchdog report on July 20, Robert Mueller and his team seem too close to truth for (so-called) President Trump’s comfort. The Resistance now must contemplate: What if Trump fires Mueller? Who is Robert Mueller? Robert Mueller currently serves the US Justice Department as special counsel for the investigation of Russian interference

Tsar Trump Part IV: The Dynasty Will Fall

Donald Trump has never aimed for the presidency. He has aimed for a dynasty… tsar-style. Since that won’t pan out, lawyers suggest Trump will resign. In January we noted that Donald Trump has been aiming to occupy the White House since the 1980s. Our source? A supposed decades-old spy report recently publicized on Czech TV.

Wordcloud for Kaspersky and US cybersecurity

Kaspersky Antivirus Software: Made in Moscow, Popular in the USA, and Under FBI Investigation

“We discussed fighting terrorism and cybersecurity.” – Vladimir Putin on his meeting with Donald Trump, 7/7/17, as reported by Sputnik Kaspersky Labs is a leading provider of antivirus software used in the USA. The company is headquartered in Moscow and led by Eugene Kaspersky. Who is Eugene Kaspersky? Kaspersky, 51, is a charismatic computer prodigy and

KLS Research: A Secret Trump Company & the Death of Peter Smith

Who or what killed Peter Smith? Peter W. Smith was the seasoned venture capitalist and Republican fundraiser who met with the Wall Street Journal in early May. He told the newspaper that on behalf of Michael Flynn (a formal Trump associate at the time), he had attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails from Russian

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