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May 18, 2024

Tsar Trump Part IV: The Dynasty Will Fall

Donald Trump has never aimed for the presidency. He has aimed for a dynasty… tsar-style. Since that won’t pan out, lawyers suggest Trump will resign.

In January we noted that Donald Trump has been aiming to occupy the White House since the 1980s. Our source? A supposed decades-old spy report recently publicized on Czech TV. The full title of that January article is Tsar Trump Part I: Old & New Reports Suggest Russia Groomed Donald Trump to Lead US, and the spy’s report from the late ’80s was created in the context of his government having tailed Donald and Czech-born Ivana Trump for years.

Trump’s political aspirations in the late 1980s weren’t completely undercover. In 1988 he entertained the idea of a Trump presidency on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. But of special interest to Trump Watchdogs is that the spy report mentioned he was “under pressure” to run for office. If Donald Trump had been truthful in that intercepted exchange, then who was pressuring him to occupy America’s highest office? We believed that Trump was attempting to “occupy” the White House in a most unusual sense — with foreign assistance.

And today: Part IV: The Dynasty Will Fall.

Likely: Trump Will Resign Because of Family’s Legal Battles…

Just a few miles from Trump Tower in NYC, a law professor at Columbia University foresees Trump’s steep fall. Professor Philip Bobbitt wrote in the UK’s Evening Standard yesterday that resigning from office appears to be President Trump’s best move for legal self-protection.

This is partly because of Trump’s now-famous private dinner with then-FBI Director James Comey in which, according to Comey’s sworn testimony, President Trump confirmed that Comey wished to keep his post and stated “I need loyalty.”  (Also that night Trump reportedly asked Comey to consider proving that the story about his consorting with prostitutes was false… although Comey had explained that logically, it’s not always possible to prove a negative.) The dinner conversation, wrote Bobbitt, involves Trump’s offer of bribery — and bribery was among the counts raised in Richard Nixon’s impeachment trial.

But more likely in the professor’s view: Donald Trump will resign because of the threat of his son and son-in-law being prosecuted. That’s based on emails being released to the public by Donald Trump, Junior himself that show that he and Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner met with a Kremlin-based lawyer in summer 2016 with intent to receive information about Hillary Clinton. Here is an excerpt as shared by Junior on Twitter:

President Trump’s campaign manager at the time, Paul Manafort, was present at that eventual Trump-Russia meeting.

Bobbitt never wrote that Jared and Junior would be charged with treason or any other specific crime. So, what is the legal issue? Robert (Bob) Bauer, who worked as White House counsel for President Obama, has pointed out that the law very clearly forbids Americans from providing “substantial assistance” to a foreign government seeking to influence an election. Bauer made this point more than a year ago when then-candidate Trump called for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server.

After Bobbit’s expert opinion piece was published, additional damning evidence against Donald Trump seems imminent. Today Louise Mensch reported on her website Patribotics that Donald Trump was apparently present via conference call during Junior’s meeting and/or another of its kind. According to Mensch’s sources, this is known because Manafort’s phone was being tapped in an investigation involving Russia’s largest private bank, Alfa Bank. Patribotics is not accepted as credible by all mainstream news sources. We shall see.

The Dynasty Will Fall (And Nasty Women Will Cheer)

Donald Trump has never aimed for the presidency. He has aimed for a dynasty… tsar-style.

As Bobbitt wrote yesterday,

Whatever [Trump’s] policy goals, it has long been clear that creating a dynasty — having destroyed the two reigning political dynasties in the last campaign — is his greatest objective.

Donald Trump made moves toward his presidential dream for years. But it was a hybrid presidential-tsar dream… not an American dream.

That dream is no longer an option, as he has forever tarnished the once-gilded family name. Perhaps the next generation will revert to Drumpf.

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One Response “Tsar Trump Part IV: The Dynasty Will Fall”

  1. Claire S.
    July 16, 2017 at 6:17 am

    You are right, Trump never wanted to be President. He doesn’t like the job either. It is true that Trump could resign to save himself but Bobbitt has to mean that President Trump would get a deal in exchange for stepping down.

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