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May 18, 2024


Who is Petr Aven?

Petr Aven and Putin’s Soft Backchannels From the Mueller report: Petr Aven, an affiliate of Russia’s Alfa Bank, told Mueller’s team that after the 2016 US presidential election Putin expressed to him that he’d like to be closer to Trump… and that it was Aven’s responsibility (given his banking position) to find a way to

North Korea leader allegedly allied with Kremlin

Kasparov: Putin Is Partners With North Korea In Missiles Against USA, South Korea and Japan

An August 26 article on Russian-language news site kasparov.ru states that Russia is a military ally of North Korea in developing missiles for use against South Korea, Japan and the United States. Here TrumpWatchdogs.com paraphrases the Russian article. About the Russian source: The Russian news site kasparov.ru is operated by Garry Kasparov. Kasparov is a

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