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June 15, 2024

Kasparov: Putin Is Partners With North Korea In Missiles Against USA, South Korea and Japan

An August 26 article on Russian-language news site kasparov.ru states that Russia is a military ally of North Korea in developing missiles for use against South Korea, Japan and the United States. Here TrumpWatchdogs.com paraphrases the Russian article.

About the Russian source: The Russian news site kasparov.ru is operated by Garry Kasparov. Kasparov is a New Yorker born in Azerbaijan. He gained worldwide fame as a young chess champion in the 1980s, and today he is widely considered to be the world’s best chess player. Since retiring from chess Kasparov has attempted to run as a candidate against Vladimir Putin, but he’s been barred from the presidential ballot. Besides operating kasparov.ru, Kasparov now serves as chair of the Human Rights Foundation.

МБР и двигатели для них – из России в Северную Корею

(ICBMs And Engines For Them – From Russia To North Korea) 

After this headline, the subheadline is that Moscow’s attempt at provoking aggression against Ukraine has failed. The gist of the story is that Russia has tried to frame Ukraine as supplying missile engines and other missile components to North Korea, when in fact Russia has been partnering with North Korea for decades.

A screenshot of the Kasparov.ru article paraphrased below

A screenshot of the Kasparov.ru article paraphrased here

The article opens with a criticism of content in an August 2017 New York Times article as “nasty,” being planted as distraction. The Times article surmises that North Korean missile supplies come from a rogue party (a “wandering military agent”) in Ukraine or Russia. Kasparov states that Ukrainian specialists have determined the missiles North Korea launched in May and June 2017 did not have Ukrainian components. The article goes on to state that Russia is engaged in a propaganda war against Ukraine.

And then the conclusion of Ukrainian government officials studying the matter:

“In this context, the Working Group considers the article in the New York Times of August 14, 2017 as an element of information cover and distraction of the attention of the world community from the alleged participation of the Russian Federation in the implementation of North Korean missile programs”

“В этом контексте Рабочая группа считает статью в “New York Times” от 14 августа 2017 года элементом информационного прикрытия и отвлечения внимания мирового сообщества от предполагаемого участия РФ в реализации северокорейских ракетных программ”

Kasparov then writes, “Is this enough for you, dear readers? This was enough for the Pentagon. US Defense Secretary Mattis August 22-24 held talks in Kiev on expanding military-technological cooperation between Ukraine and the United States and promised to begin deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine in the near future.”

Этого достаточно для вас, друзья-читатели? Для Пентагона этого оказалось достаточно. Министр обороны США Мэттис 22-24 августа провел в Киеве переговоры о расширении военно-технологического сотрудничества Украины и США и обещал начать поставки летального оружия в Украину в ближайшем будущем. (Это тема отдельной статьи.) При этом Мэттис ни слова ни сказал об “украинском бродячем военторге.”

The article then cites the US representation to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who has stated that Ukraine adheres to the international rules of military supplies.

Michael Elman [? name uncertain, Эльмана] is then named as a person of interest. Kasparov refers to an article by Anton Gerashchenko that recommends US intelligence consider Elman as akin to Michael Flynn:

“I think that the American FBI, the CIA and the NSA should put Mr. Elman to control and check his bank accounts, I do not exclude that Mr. Elman could receive money from Russians in the same way as the disgraced Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.”

“Думаю, что американским ФБР, ЦРУ и АНБ, стоит поставить господина Эльмана на контроль и проверить его банковские счета. Не исключаю, что господин Эльман, мог получать деньги от русских по такой же схеме, как и уволенный с позором советник Трампа по Национальной безопасности Майкл Флинн”

Kasparov then claims again that Moscow machinery supports the North Korean nuclear program. He urges readers to learn about a Ukrainian resistance group’s work called “Rocket Engines for the DPRK – Kremlin Socket.” He explains that “Russia has every opportunity to supply any technology to North Korea absolutely uncontrollably.” He claims that Russia has been doing so for decades.

In sum, the article concludes:

The US intelligence community, in conjunction with Congress, should conduct a detailed investigation of Russia’s participation in the missile program of North Korea, and at the same time make the most of the data accumulated by Ukrainian experts.

Then, I do not doubt at all, it will finally become clear that at least since 2011 (and perhaps since 2006) it was a joint missile program between Russia and North Korea, directed against the United States, Japan and South Korea. And after the investigation, the Putin regime will receive such a package of sanctions, from which it will not recover.

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