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May 18, 2024

Trump associates

Inmate record for Epstein at New York MCC

Epstein Found Dead in US Custody, Sources Say

Jeffrey Epstein has reportedly hanged himself in a jail cell at New York MCC (Metropolitan Correctional Center) where he was awaiting trial for conspiracy and sex trafficking. CNN is reporting that according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, staff found him unresponsive this morning around 6:30 EST. The bureau stated that staff began medical treatment

Barbed wire and the title Concentration Camps In The USA

Concentration Camps: Nazis, Donald Trump & Sheriff Arpaio

What is a concentration camp? Generally a concentration camp is a place where people are held without trial. People might also be held on trumped-up convictions or for political beliefs. For most readers the best-known concentration camps are from the World War II era. These include German concentration camps for millions of Europeans and US

Tsar Trump Part IV: The Dynasty Will Fall

Donald Trump has never aimed for the presidency. He has aimed for a dynasty… tsar-style. Since that won’t pan out, lawyers suggest Trump will resign. In January we noted that Donald Trump has been aiming to occupy the White House since the 1980s. Our source? A supposed decades-old spy report recently publicized on Czech TV.

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