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July 25, 2024


Trump Model Management Investigated For Violating Teenagers and Immigration Laws

Trump Model Management Investigated For Violating Teenagers, Immigration Laws and Labor Laws

Not exactly a “model business,” Trump Model Management is closing amid increased scrutiny of its relationships with teenage models, immigration law, labor laws and human trafficking. Donald J. Trump owns 85% of Trump Model Management. He founded the agency in 1999. In April 2017 his financial partners were informed that the Trump modeling agency would

KLS Research: A Secret Trump Company & the Death of Peter Smith

Who or what killed Peter Smith? Peter W. Smith was the seasoned venture capitalist and Republican fundraiser who met with the Wall Street Journal in early May. He told the newspaper that on behalf of Michael Flynn (a formal Trump associate at the time), he had attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails from Russian

Update: Money Laundering at Trump Taj Mahal Casino

Why Is the IRS Auditing Donald Trump? And Is Kompromat Included In IRS reports? Peek into Trump’s financial dealings! The following US government document concerns a $10 million fine levied in connection with alleged money laundering at Trump’s casino in Atlantic City. The document is from 2015 and it describes the Trump Taj Mahal Resort as

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