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July 25, 2024

Mitch McConnell’s Wife’s Company Was Caught Trafficking Cocaine?

Lately Mitch McConnell has been disparaged for supporting the alleged pedophile and definite GOP politician Roy Moore of Alabama. It makes Trump Watchdogs wonder, “Do people remember when Mitch McConnell’s wife’s company was caught trafficking cocaine?” Also, “Do people find it ironic and disgusting that McConnell’s wife is Trump’s Secretary of Transportation?”

Mitch McConnell is married to Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao. Her family’s shipping company apparently opted to transport 90 pounds of Colombian cocaine in August 2014 aboard its ship the Ping May. But as The Nation reported:

Chao’s firm is shrouded from public view, concealing its identity and limiting its legal liability through an array of tax shelters and foreign registrations. Registered through a limited liability company in the Marshall Islands, the Ping May flies the Liberian flag.

That’s right. Very Right. Trump added Elaine Chao to his swamp in late 2016.

Makes you wonder… Does Elaine deal in presidential coke?

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