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July 25, 2024

Trump Reportedly Collected Kompromat

Is the Trump “Golden Showers” scandal an example of karma? BuzzFeed reported in June 2016 that according to people who had worked for Donald Trump, he regularly tapped phone lines in search of potentially useful information.

Six sources reportedly told BuzzFeed that at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach resort, his bedroom telephone allowed him to eavesdrop on every landline on the estate. Four of the workers said that he used the phone to eavesdrop on staff members’ calls. They did not know whether he listened to calls placed by guests. According to these sources, employees sometimes knew when Trump was listening because a light for his extension would become activated on their console. In one report he called a participant in the middle of his/her conversation with another employee to weigh in on the matter they were discussing.

Names for these sources were not provided. Trump is known to require his employees to sign nondisclosure agreements. They reportedly worked at the resort in the early 2000s.

BuzzFeed reports that Trump’s former butler and others have denied the allegations.

Possibly related, following a long dispute with Donald Trump more than 500 of his hotel employees were permitted by the National Labor Relations Board to form a union. In a complaint from the union, employees stated that they were subjected to surveillance.

At this time Trump Watchdogs are not aware of credible reports of Trump collecting kompromat at Trump Tower.

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