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April 18, 2024

Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

Why is Trump promoting hydroxychloroquine? The first time he mentioned the drug publicly, Trump Watchdogs learned with just a minute of online research that given the possible side effects of hydroxychloroquine, it’s definitely not a great solution!

In the weeks since then, the respectable source that was at the top of Google results has been buried… but still from the FDA we can find reasons why, even if it worked, hydroxychloroquine isn’t a treatment for everyone. 

Some Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

  • It can kill children. From the FDA: “A number of fatalities have been reported following the accidental ingestion of chloroquine, sometimes in relatively small doses (0.75 g or 1 g in one 3-year-old child).” 
  • It might permanently damage vision in adults and unborn babies. The FDA says, “Usage of this drug during pregnancy should be avoided.” They explain that in mouse studies, hydroxychloroquine permeated placentas and stayed in the womb for months, where it accumulated in mouse babies’ developing eyes. Related known side effects of this drug in adult humans are macular and corneal harm. Also, retinal damage is sometimes irreversible
  • Alcoholics should not use hydroxychloroquine, says the FDA. (And with the lockdown, drinking is up!) Also those with liver trouble could go into liver failure triggered by this drug. 
  • Heart attacks are a risk of hydroxychloroquine treatment. It doesn’t matter how old you are. 


The FDA lists lots more side effects of hydroxychloroquine, like your eye pigmentation changing, or becoming so itchy that you could go bonkers. Granted, these side effects could be better than death. But this drug is not “The Answer” for widespread COVID-19 treatment.

Why Is Trump Promoting Hydroxychloroquine?

In the beginning, it seemed that Trump was touting the drug just to have something positive to tell Americans. Now “many people are saying” that his promotion may be more self-serving, perhaps motivated by potential pharmaceutical profits for Trump and/or his associates.

Is that a crazy conspiracy theory or might there be something to it? Trump owns stock in hydroxychloroquine. Is anyone surprised? And it’s been revealed that he started pushing the drug publicly just hours after chatting with a billionaire donor who touted the drug

Medscape.com hydroxychloroquine side effects

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