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August 15, 2020

Trump’s Air Bridge to Nowhere

What is Project Air Bridge? It involves Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE). Having taught schoolchildren, with Project Air Bridge Trump Watchdogs are reminded of fumbled science fair projects and unprepared speeches laden with nonsense. We had little empathy for the typical BS-ing student, and there’s no empathy for

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Tsar Trump

Tsar Trump Part III: Return Of The Weiner

Anthony Weiner’s alleged sexting with a minor gave the FBI reason to seize his computer. Is it mere coincidence that the same computer crashed Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign? “Pop!” Goes the Weiner: Perfectly Timed To End Clinton’s Campaign The timeline would be propitious for any Clinton opponent… In July 2016 it seemed that Hillary Clinton’s email saga was over. FBI Director James Comey

Tsar Trump Part II: Computer Chatter At Trump Tower

This article is the continuation of Tsar Trump: Old and New Reports Suggest Russia Groomed Donald Trump To Lead US. Trump’s Computer Server Activity and the 2016 Election While many potential voters were distracted by innuendo about candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails, a small minority were investigating spikes of activity and “quiet periods” involving the Trump Organization’s computer server on Fifth

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Trump Associates

Mitch McConnell’s Wife’s Company Was Caught Trafficking Cocaine?

Lately Mitch McConnell has been disparaged for supporting the alleged pedophile and definite GOP politician Roy Moore of Alabama. It makes Trump Watchdogs wonder, “Do people remember when Mitch McConnell’s wife’s company was caught trafficking cocaine?” Also, “Do people find it ironic and disgusting that McConnell’s wife is Trump’s Secretary of Transportation?” Mitch McConnell is

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